Lafayette CO House Painting Tips

Whether you want a vintage, modern, rustic, classic, or avant-garde decoration in Lafayette CO, painting is the most important part. Why? Simply because it will frame everything you decide to place in your room.

Don’t be intimidated by an empty room and bare walls. These will be your canvas and you, the artist.

Types of Paints In Lafayette CO

Light shades

Gray: It is the color of modernity and minimalism. Decorating your room in gray adds formality and turns it into a workspace, games, and reading. It combines very well with white, black, and leather products such as rugs and sofas.

Beige: It is a soft color very pleasing to the eye; it brings freshness to your room and makes it the ideal place to relax. It combines very well with red, brown and white tones.

Brown: It is the color of nature lovers, in dark tones, it provides warmth, and in light tones, it welcomes visitors and those who live in the home.

It combines very well with light blue, brown, white, and beige tones. For dark brown, we must use white and warm lights.

Dark shades

Red: It can be in a soft tone or with the most powerful red you can imagine; it is best to paint opposite walls with this color and combine with beige, light brown, or white to give light to the room and make it look much more spacious.

Purple: It is light or brown tones, purple combines very well with gray and white. Paint a single wall with this shade or opposite walls, and complement with white or beige on the free walls. Brown furniture is very well received in this space.

Orange: Another bright color, don’t overload your room with bright colors. Paint opposite walls orange and match white or beige on free walls. The decor should be white and dark brown with a few silver accents.

Green: Green is another great natural shade for rooms, whether dark or light. Green always brings freshness to your home. Combine it with white and light shades of brown. It pairs well with gold decorations. Don’t overload yourself with green unless you want to feel like a jungle when you get home.

Pink: No, it is not a feminine shade, select a shade of dark pink, and combine it with shades of white and beige. It goes very well with black or dark brown furniture as well as gold trim and accessories.

Why is it good to paint the house every 3 or 4 years?

Creating a habit in which we renew the paint of our home every 3 or 4 years gives us a series of advantages such as:

  • To improve the aesthetic aspect of the home, it will look cleaner, more comfortable, and bright.
  • Being able to change the decorative style, update to new trends, and try new colors.
  • Disinfect and clean. The paint components themselves disinfect and clean walls and ceilings. There are even specific anti-bacterial paints, highly recommended to apply in kitchens, bathrooms, and when there are young children at home.
  • Remove moisture and/or condensation stains. By painting with good quality products, we remove these stains and help them not come out again.
  • Hide the damage that has been done daily (holes in the wall of furniture or pictures that are no longer there, rubs, scratches, chips, etc.)
  • Assist in the sale or rental of the home. A well-maintained home has more value on the market.

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