Tips And Maintenance To Increase The Duration Of The Painting

Tips From Painting Contractors Lafayette CO

Avoiding the wear of paint for your Lafayette home over time is impossible. However, by taking these tips into account and taking certain actions, we can keep our home looking good longer.

First of all, make sure that the materials that your house is painted with are of very good quality. The higher the quality of the paint, the longer it will last in perfect condition. There are currently good anti-stain paints, which will help you keep your walls always clean effortlessly.

Secondly, for the paint to last perfectly for as long as possible, it is essential to know how to work with it and apply it correctly. We refer to issues that on many occasions, if we are not painting professionals, we do not take into account and that are very important when it comes to painting, such as the dissolution of paint, the prior preparation of the wall, the amount of paint used per square meter, how the passes of each hand are given, knowing and respecting the drying times of each material, the number of hands that must be given to achieve an optimal result, etc. All these issues are what determine that the painting work is good or bad and affect its duration. For this reason, we recommend that you hire professionals to paint your home.

On the other hand, there are certain habits for keeping your walls and ceilings in good condition. Some of them are:

  • Clean walls and ceilings at least once a month. If you clean the walls and ceilings with a damp cloth, you will be able to eliminate dust and the most superficial stains, maintaining the intensity of the paint longer.
  • Aerate the house every day. Opening all the house windows at least 15 minutes a day to renew the air in the home is very beneficial. On the one hand, we clean the air in the house of germs and other particles. On the other hand, keeping the house well ventilated prevents stains from the condensation of water on walls and ceilings, and many other benefits.
  • Avoid tobacco smoke. Although for some, it can be somewhat complicated, it is true that tobacco smoke yellows the walls and produces certain stains. If you can, try not to smoke inside the house, and if you do, quickly ventilate the room or rooms in which you have smoked.
  • In general, be careful with rubbing. Sometimes, simply by moving the furniture or arranging it in another way, we can avoid friction and scratches caused by the furniture hitting the wall and the passage of people.